About us

Our Founder

Thrush is at the forefront of We Live As Kings, a platform dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and luxury. His extensive experience and passion for cutting-edge technology have shaped the core of this unique media outlet. Thrush’s background in tech development and market analysis provides him with the insight needed to uncover and showcase the most luxurious tech innovations that define opulence in the modern world.

Under Thrush’s leadership, We Live As Kings has become a beacon for those who seek to understand how technology can elevate lifestyle experiences. His keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of luxury markets enable him to curate content that exemplifies the pinnacle of technological achievement and aesthetic refinement.

Our Mission

Our goal at We Live As Kings is to redefine technology luxury. We explore how high-end technology affects our lives, from smart home devices to bespoke gadgets to car tech and more. Besides their utility, our content highlights these technologies’ design elegance and exclusive experiences.

Thrush drives our editorial approach to enlighten and inspire our readers with each post. We aim to show how technology is making luxury more accessible but still exclusive.

Engage with Us

We Live As Kings encourages our readers to immerse themselves in the world of tech luxury and to contribute to our ongoing conversation about these transformations. Thrush remains deeply involved in our community, engaging with readers and contributors alike to foster a richer understanding of the content. For collaborations, suggestions, or general inquiries, you can reach out to Thrush directly at [email protected].

Join our journey at We Live As Kings to explore how technology continues to redefine luxury in every aspect of life. With Thrush’s expert guidance and our community’s vibrant engagement, we aim to keep you at the forefront of luxury tech trends, ensuring that you are always in the know about the best and the most exclusive that technology has to offer.