Military Applications of Embedded Computer Systems

Embedded computers are used in a wide variety of military applications. The following sections describe some of these embedded computing Systems.

Surveillance and Reconnaissance UAVs

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a key component of modern warfare. They provide information about enemy positions with minimal risk to human life and have proved instrumental in recent conflicts such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. UAVs are often equipped with cameras that can transmit live video images back to operators on the ground or shipboard. This enables them to be used for surveillance missions over hostile territory without risking human lives. Unmanned aerial vehicles can also be equipped with other sensors such as radar or infrared detectors which allow them to perform other types of reconnaissance missions such as search & rescue operations or border patrol duties.


Embedded computers are used in many different ways in the military. They can be used to control weapons, aircraft and other equipment. These computers also help the military process data from sensors and other sources. The computing power of these systems has increased dramatically over the past few decades, allowing them to handle more information at faster speeds.

Intelligence Gathering Operations

Military intelligence gathering operations depend heavily on computer technology. Searching through documents or analyzing satellite photos requires sophisticated software and powerful computers that can handle huge amounts of data quickly. This kind of software has been used for decades by both governments and private companies for various applications, but it is especially important for military applications because it helps soldiers make better decisions about how to fight wars more effectively.

Cyber Security

Cyber security involves protecting computer networks from attack by hackers or other unauthorized users and ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information stored on the network. Cyber security is an important consideration in all areas where computers are used, including military applications, because hackers can cause serious damage if they gain access to sensitive material or if they interfere with communications between different locations within a network or between different networks.

Vehicle Electronics

The automotive industry has long been a leader in embedded systems technology because cars are essentially computers on wheels. Modern vehicles contain more than 100 microprocessors (CPUs) that control everything from engine performance to collision avoidance systems; some cars feature up to 500 CPUs. This makes them susceptible to viruses and other malicious code like any other computer system—which means auto manufacturers must protect these complex systems against malware attacks just like any other company.


There are many industries that utilize embedded computer systems. In fact, there is little that you can do without using an embedded computer system. The military is an obvious application for the embedded computer system and has been using them for years. Yet, they have been lagging behind in their use of these computers compared to other industries. However, they have expounded on the benefits of using these systems and are quickly expanding their usage. For instance, in air operations the computers need to be able to withstand extreme conditions as well as provide flight control assistance, and in ground operations the computers need to be robust enough to withstand shock and vibration as well as be able to provide navigation information in bad weather.